Birch plantation, May This plantation in fact sits adjacent to the main Pisa-Florence motorway; happily I saw an exit after passing, and, following my instincts, could regain it via minor roads.

Such regimented plantations are habitually a temptation, but making a satisfactory image can frequently be difficult. The undergrowth at ground level can often be messy; and it can be difficult to 'close' this kind of picture.

In this case it is the motorway we have to thank, both for the incoming sideways light and the rear backlit canopies. I was unhappy that formal balance could not be preserved without losing some nearer trees' canopies. But achieving closure for this picture was about managing the bands of light and shade.

In general this kind of picture does not usually benefit from being taller than it is wide. Then the up-down motion would overwhelmingly dominate the horizontal. But this kind of picture is really about the horizontal spacing of trees.
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