Casentino, Val d'Arno Some landscape photographs are the result of careful preparation and planning: searching for a location, finding the best viewpoint, waiting and returning until the light is right. But others are pure joyful discovery – and you may have to react fast to capture transient conditions.

This image of autumnul trees is an example of the latter category. Surveying the unfolding Casentino forests from the Passo della Consuma one autumn afternoon, my attention was caught by a pool of light heading for these bucolic trees. I had to race the kilometre or so down the valley, to get to the trees before the light did, and only got off three or four frames before the effect was gone for the day.

It is backlighting that will give foliage this kind of internal glow. I love the way the trees almost appear to be dancing in their glorious display –
a feeling of motion helped by the rolling ridges and hillocks of this region.
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